Occupational Therapy

The ICRE-R Occupational Therapist is licensed by the State of Illinois and certified by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc.

The Occupational Therapy philosophy at ICRE-R integrates the developmental process with the performance of functional skills. It is based upon the premise that optimal skill development and application are achieved when sensory-motor development, physical, social, and cognitive abilities are incorporated into everyday life experiences. Various therapeutic techniques are used, including assistive technology and human resources, to reduce the effects of physical and cognitive limitations.

The Occupational Therapy Services are integrated into the Transition Curriulum, i.e., self-care management, household management, personal assistant management, durable medical equipment management, and personal business and financial management. All students are encouraged to develop their individual potential by utilizing methods and systems unique to their needs and abilities. They learn to apply their skills in the increasingly complex and challenging natural environments found in the world.