The Education Department at ICRE-R uses a curriculum based on the Casey Life Skills Curriculum for the transition program. The curriculum is designed to provide ICRE-R students with important skills needed to function successfully in the home and community. The transition program addresses the question, “What skills must the individual have in order to become a more effective person and live at their highest level of independence?” Unlike traditional school curriculums, the transition curriculum addresses a more functional level of academic subjects to enhance the student’s future independence.

The Education Department also coordinates the vocational component of ICRE-R’s transition program and works with DHS/DRS to help students get involved in various vocational training and job experience opportunities, including:

  • Vocational exploration and training in the vocational areas of computerized sewing, heat press operations, business software applications and graphic software applications, and retail training,
  • On Campus STEP (work experience) jobs to give students the opportunity to work at various job sites within the school,
  • Working in the Artfully Gifted Retail Center on campus to experience the various aspects of customer service, inventory, on-line store presence, shipping and delivery. 
  • Off-campus work and internship experiences are coordinated through the Education Department as well.