What are the Programs?

Heat Press

The Heat Press Program entails a four week comprehensive curriculum that teaches you to learn the important aspects of the Heat Press industry, such as:

  • Safety in operating the Heat Press Machine.
  • How and what the machine is used for.
  • Different uses for the machine i.e., shirts, mugs, serving trays, etc.
  • Becoming a business entrepreneur

Heat Press

Instructor Kimbrough observes a student as she performs a Heat Press function.


Strategies for retail management.

  • Varied jobs in the Heat Press Industry.


With the Heat Press Program skills, you can take your ideas and turn them into reality!

The Curriculum will also be a guide to take your ideas and transfer them to an object.

In The Heat Press program, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and talents to the world, while also giving you a tool to use for monetary gain and as a pathway to independence.


Customer Service/Retail Sales

In this class you will learn:

  • Importance of good customer service in building and increasing any business
  • Determining needs and wants of diverse customers
  • Communicating effectively in speech through person to person, phone, e-mails, and the internet
  • Problem solving and strategies for handling dissatisfied customers
  • Tools for getting and keeping attitudes positive/relevance of positive attitude in  business and managing stress



Customer Service

A student store clerk stocks the store’s cooler.


This course will cover all the basics needed to work at any job or profession that deals with sale of products or a service-based position. This would also include any independent or small business owner. Having strong customer service skills is of utmost importance to any organization. This hands-on course goes into the fundamentals of customer service, then transitions into specific topics and tools to achieve great results. Many real-world examples and practical situations will keep the students engaged. After completing the course, the student will understand the difference between average customer service and exceptional customer service. “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel.” Maya Angelou

Part 1: Learning all aspects of customer service

Part 2: Putting these skills to use in a retail setting

Part 3:  Going forward to combine parts 1 and 2 to a more advanced level or take these learned skills in another entrepreneurial direction


Business Software


The Business Software Applications Program teaches our clients how to use computers effectively and independently.  This curriculum is dedicated to ensuring that the client is able to:

  • navigate Windows and Mac operating systems
  • create and edit documents using Microsoft Word
  • develop professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • utilize Microsoft Excel to create business spreadsheets
  • compose professional emails
  • utilize Google Calendar, Google Drive and Dropbox to manage one’s documents

Business Software

Aaron Maass has the right question for three eager students in his software discussion.


Does math drive you crazy? In this class, you can learn to make Excel do it all for you! Have a tough time remembering your appointments? Google Calendar’s got you covered! Sick and tired of forgetting where you saved a document?  Take this class and it’ll never happen again. In Tech Foundations, you won’t just learn how to use a computer; you’ll learn how to make a computer work for you.

You’ll leave the program with confidence, competence, and the tools needed to succeed. Once you complete the program, you’ll exit with a portfolio containing all your accomplishments and assignments from the semester, and a certificate of completion that proves just how awesome you are.


Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program covers introductory computer illustration, layout, and image editing while developing an understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite programs. By taking this course Clients will be able to:


  • Develop a skill for creating brand imagery for themselves and others
  • Utilize Adobe Photoshop for skills such as photo repair, photo editing, touch-up and more.

Graphic Design

Instructor Donnell points out the sharpness in a curving line while using Adobe Photoshop.



Create digital illustration, designs, and logos in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Cultivate an understanding for proper print preparation and file management.
  • Create professional booklets, brochures, and interactive .pdf with InDesign.


Do you have a passion for art and design? Do you want to make professional quality media? The Graphic Design program will give you the tools you need. You’ll be ready to create high quality logos and posters that really stand out. With these skills you’ll be able to land your dream job or even create your own business!


Clients want cutting-edge style and innovation. Once you have completed this program you’ll be confident and ready to meet their needs by utilizing the most advanced tools in the field of graphic design – prepare to blow them away.


Computerized Embroidery



The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) is the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepr

In the Computerized Embroidery Program VIP customers will have the skills to design and complete embroidery projects.

This curriculum will be dedicated to ensuring the VIP Customer is able to:

  • Use a Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Embroidery Machine
  • Use the Machine Accessories
  • Identify and inventory equipment and supplies
  • Hoop fabric (secure material to be embroidered)
  • Choose a design or font and apply it to your fabric
  • Know the Importance of color blending
  • Use the 5D Embroidery System Software Program


Computerized Embroidery

Angela Cary shares a plethora of wisdom with one of her many optimistic students.

This class will be taught in three parts.

Getting to know your machine

  1. Setup, Designs and Supplies
  2. Getting Started with Embroidering


Part I

Overview of the Viking Embroidery Machine

  1.  Accessories
  2.  Safety
  3.  Operation
  4. The 5D Embroidery Software Program.


Part II

  1. The Embroidery Set-up for the machine
  2. Embroidery  Supplies
  3.  Where and how to find the designs


Part III

  1. Begin to embroider
  2. Editing  designs
  3. Creating  embroidery projects
  4. Discussing different fabrics
  5. The importance of embroidery threads and their color


The VIP Customer will have the knowledge to begin designing embroidery projects for personal and

business use. Once the customer completes the customized embroidery program, he/she will exit with a portfolio of sample products, and a certificate of completion.


 Business Planning

The Business Planning program will build structure and provide resources for VIP customers starting a profitable business.  It also offers support and resources in helping customers seek employment.  In addition, the program provides training using current methodologies and techniques on growing a business and retaining a client base.  Life challenges are not suppose to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. With the Business Planning program you will gain strength, patience, and knowledge to reach for the stars to change the world.  The Vocational Incubator Program (VIP) located in the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education-Roosevelt will give you the tools to become a successful business owner.


Business Planning

Daniel Davis inspires seven students regarding the Business Planning process.


We would love to welcome you to the BUSINESS PLANNING program!!!


In this course you will learn how to:

  • Effectively write, as well as understand an executive summary, which includes developing a business plan, finding a place for your business, identifying a customer base, acquiring a product of choice and etc.
  • Develop market analysis using different marketing methodologies, researching your selected business industry, market trends, and identify and gain knowledge regarding your competitors
  • Develop a budget/cash flow analysis
  • Learn business laws and regulations
  • Obtain information on business licenses, permits and other documents to legalize your business


This plan of action will also aid you in job readiness skills (i.e. resume writing, interview preparation, and give resources to locate employment).  Upon completion of this great program customers will be able to successfully manage a business.  The knowledge acquired can easily be converted to allow one to become a business owner.


  • http://www.sba.gov/:The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation.
  • http://www.entrepreneur.com/: No matter what the path, the entrepreneurial journey always begins with a mindset. That’s why Entrepreneur delivers distinctive content on every road taken by the independent thinkers, builders and leaders driving economies across the world.



The Business Incubator at Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education (ICRE-Roosevelt) nurtures the development of entrepreneurs. Assisting and helping startup companies to survive and grow during the start-up period, when they are most vulnerable. Our programs will provide business support services and resources tailored to young startup firms.

Gary Lindley

Incubator Coordinator Gary Lindley, Jr. eagerly awaits the start of his program.

The goal of the V.I.P is to create jobs, enhance the community’s entrepreneurial climate, retain business in a community and build or accelerate growth in a local industry and diversify local economies.

As of October 2013 there were over 1,250 incubators in the United States, up from only 12 in 1980. There is an estimated 7,000 business incubators worldwide which most are modeled to meet a variety of needs, from fostering commercialization of technologies to increasing employment in economically distressed communities to serving as an investment vehicle.

Things you must do to participate:

R  Write a solid business plan. This may take some time but that’s ok, writing a business plan can be a tedious process and must be taking very seriously. This is where the V.I.P Incubator comes to your rescue. Researching small businesses in your area and speaking with them about how they started their businesses will give you a jump start in the Business Incubator Program.

1 Researching business trends and the marketing of your services will help you decide how you want to promote them to your customers. Researching your competition can help you redevelop your product so that you are ahead of your competitors eneurship.

340 West State Street, Unit 25. Athens, OH. 45701-15655, Phone: (740)593-4331

Fax (740)593-1996, E-mail:  info@nbia.org      http://www.nbia.org

1 Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) is the revenue services of the United States federal government. The government agency is the bureau of the Department of the Treasury. 230 S. Dearborn St. Chicago, IL. 60604 Phone: (312) 292-4912


1 Division Of Rehabilitation Service  is the state agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services to people with disabilities in Illinois: www.dhs.state.il.us/ors , Phone: (800) 843-6154, TTY: (800)447-6404, To refer someone for services online: http://drs.state.il.us/owr