Vocational Training

While students are in high school, it is important that they begin to explore their interests for future vocational pursuits. At ICRE-R, we offer a variety of employment opportunities and experiences through both in-school and community-based opportunities. ICRE-R has two in-school programs to facilitate the development of vocational skills: the “Wheely Entrepreneurial Association” gift basket business and the “Oh Sew Personal” sewing and embroidery program. “Wheely Entrepreneurial Association” is a non-profit business, which is owned and operated by ICRE-R alumni. The business produces specialty and custom-ordered gift baskets. “Oh Sew Personal” is a program taught at ICRE-R that uses computerized sewing machines to do custom monogramming and embroidery. Both programs teach students the components of business operations and provide opportunities to develop business and technical skills. In addition, we have a school store sponsored by the ICRE-R Foundation, which is managed and operated by students under staff guidance.

ICRE-R works closely with the Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services to assist interested students in enrolling in college courses, vocational training, or on-the-job training.