VIP Overview

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Vocational Incubator Program (VIP)

The VIP is an exciting new program offered to individuals ages 18-26 with an open Vocational Rehabilitation Services case with the Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).  The VIP is located at Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education (ICRE-R) 1950 West Roosevelt Road Chicago, Illinois  60608.  The VIP will be offering free vocational training programs and Business Incubator services.  These services will provide customers with the necessary skills to become gainfully employed and/or own their own business.

The VIP courses and training provide an opportunity to expand customer’s skill levels for success in finding employment or becoming a business owner.

Customers may have an opportunity to apply to the Business Incubator services while in the VIP vocational training program.  The Business Incubator is designed to assist the customer/business owner with the best opportunities for success.  The Business Incubator will provide office space and an array of business services, i.e., phone, fax, copying, mentorship.

Graphic Design (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, etc.), Heat Press (use sublimation ink to apply designs to products), Business Software (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Calendar, etc), Computerized Embroidery (create custom embroidery designs), Retail Management (Learn, customer service, retail systems, etc), Business Planning (business processes and develops a Business Plan), Business Incubator (support system that cultivates and develop small businesses), Music Technology (coming soon)( Learn technology and systems to DJ, mix beats, and record sounds)