Financial Services

Various Financial Services for students are provided through ICRE-R’s Business Office. All financial functions and services provided at ICRE-R are subject to the usual accounting controls of the State of Illinois, and audits by the State Internal Audit Unit and by the Illinois Office of the Auditor General.


Student Trust Account:

A trust fund account is set up for each student through ICRE-R’s Business Office for the protection of his or her money. Parents or legal guardians are asked to mail money for their children to ICRE-Roosevelt or deposit it person with Social Services or Business Office staff. This money is used for weekly allowances, which are withdrawn from the trust fund and may be subject to limitations by the parents or guardian. Money from the students’ accounts may also be used for special events, trips, and other student needs.

For students in the higher levels of the transition program, the trust account holds the simulated rent and utility payments made by the students, and the students are responsible for managing the rest of their money using a local community bank. Any money collected in the account is returned to the students when they leave the program. This helps provide funding for various transition needs, including furniture, apartment modifications, and assistive/adaptive technology.


Needy Students Fund:

ICRE-Roosevelt also maintains a Needy Student Fund for the special needs of the students, or for students with little or no personal financial resources. Use of the fund is limited to necessities, such as eyeglasses, coats, shoes, etc. The ICRE-R Superintendent or designee must approve all requests for the money.


Gifts, Grants, and Bequests:

Any individual or organization willing to donate to ICRE-Roosevelt is encouraged to do so through the Business Office. All gifts, donations, and bequests made to ICRE-Roosevelt are coordinated by the Business Office to ensure that State guidelines and procedures are followed.

For further inquiries, please contact the ICRE-R Business Administrator