Welcome Message

Welcome to the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education-Roosevelt (ICRE-R).  Our school is dedicated to preparing young adults with physical disabilities for adult life in the community of their choice.

We know that this is an exciting time of life for young people and that each one of you, along with your families, have many decisions to make in the near future:  What will you do after high school? Where will you live? Will you live alone or with someone else?  Should you go to college, get a job, or seek vocactional training?   No one has all the answers, and half the fun in life is exploring the possibilities and testing out alternatives.  The ICRE-R Transition Program exists  to help you answer some of these questions for yourself.  While you’re at it, you’ll make new friends, and meet knowledgeable and experienced staff that can help you along the way. 

On top of all this, you’ll be in Chicago.  There is so much to see and experience here:  Millenium Park, The Bean, Navy Pier, art galleries, museums, and the most beautiful lakefront in the world! 

Please, take a few minutes and explore our website to see if ICRE-R might be what you’re looking for after you have finished your high school academic requirements.  If you’re interested in seeing more, please call and arrange a tour, we’ll be happy to show you around.

Thank you, 

Therese Manderino, Superintendent