Social Service

The Social Service Department coordinates all case management services for students and their families. Case managers are responsible for convening school-wide meetings on each student to review progress made, goals met, revision of goals, and creation of new goals based on students’ progress. Social workers communicate with parents and legal guardians on any student infractions and discipline imposed by ICRE-R Administration or appropriate staff.

ICRE-R’s Social Workers also assist students and their families access state and federal entitlements, such as Paratransit Services, Home Services, and SSI Funding. In addition, the department assists families/legal guardians to obtain medical insurance or Medicaid coverage for their student, as the need arises.

The Social Service Department coordinates services between ICRE-R and community agencies, hospitals, schools, and other resources that can aid in meeting the students’ needs. We initiate and maintain contact with outside agencies to ensure that each student receives the necessary services from the appropriate agencies.

The Social Service Department works closely with ICRE-R staff, the student and family/guardian, and other professionals outside of ICRE-R to plan for the student’s transition into the community.