Our Program

The ICRE-R STEPS to Successful Living is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary transition program for individuals with severe physical challenges, which leads to successful living in the community of their choice. The program is comprised of a continuum of skills arranged in graduated “STEPS” and applied in natural environments. Each STEP has its own set of prerequisites and outcomes. Students begin at the level at which they are successful, following the continuum until they have reached their own individual potential. Each STEP in the continuum has a correlating ICRE-R residential environment, which facilitates the application of skills established for that STEP. Each STEP also correlates to a community residential environment such as a group home or an independent community apartment. Consequently, the student’s performance and achievement in the program correlate to his/her success in various community settings.

The STEPS to Successful Living covers a broad array of skills in the following areas: Communication, Community Integration and Housing, Health and Wellness, Interpersonal Skills, Leisure Activities, Living Skills, Personal/Household Management, Personal/Community Mobility, and Vocational Development. These program areas are supported by the Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) curriculum, which is used to teach the concepts and skills needed prior to application in the students’ living environment.

As ICRE-R is located in Chicago, students can take advantage of a wide range of community resources. Community Education Resources include local Elementary and High Schools, as well as local Community Colleges. Many of the students at ICRE-R find employment within the community. ICRE-R is located within a short distance of three major hospitals and a variety of social service agencies. Students learn to use various modes of public transportation to access cultural and social activities, as well as for personal banking and shopping in Chicago and the local suburbs.

As students master the progressively challenging STEPS in the ICRE-R STEPS to Successful Living, they are expected to incorporate an increasing number of responsibilities in all areas of their lives. For example, a student may maintain an apartment while attending school and working a part time job. This type of program prepares the students to manage the complex requirements and responsibilities of adult life in the community.

Each student’s potential for successful community living is dependent on his/her skills and goals. Students may begin the transition to the community setting of their choice at any level of independence, as the program is designed to identify living environments that will meet their needs and desires regardless of skill level.