Student Life

Student Life

After School Hours:

ICRE-R’s after school hours offer many opportunities for students to make friends, socialize, and explore leisure activities. 

ICRE-R  offers a wide variety of evening programs in the arts, music, martial arts, scuba diving and dance.  We also work with volunteer agencies that bring new and interesting activities for students to explore in their free time.  In addition, as students earn their Mobility Access Program (MAP) privledges  students can travel to various destinations on their own or with their Personal Assistant. 

Staff and students plan off -campus trips together for an evening out of dining, movies, Bulls Basketball or other ventures. 

Residential Living:

Each student has their own dorm room.  As a student progress through the program they can earn a “mini-apartment” or an individual apartment.  The different levels of living arrangements require advancing levels of responsibility and skills, all of which are learned in the transition classes.  Although students always remain on campus, the various living arrangments allow the experience of independence and more of the feeling of living on your own.