VIP Program

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 What is the VIP Program?


As the Superintendent of the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education-Roosevelt (ICRE-R) I am honored to be a part of the VIP.  VIP stands for Vocational/Incubator Program.  My inspiration is working with and inspired by young people with disabilities, I have dreamed of having this type of program available to students and customers; a program that can break down the barriers to employment, self-sufficiency, and full integration into community life.   As it is with all dreams, it is far better when shared with others.  Fortunately, the world (and especially DRS and ICRE-R) is filled with people who shared this dream and wanted to bring it to reality.   With these individuals and the subsequent dynamic collaborations, it has developed into more than I could ever have imagined.  It is an inspiration to be associated with so many talented people, who work tirelessly to serve people and forge a future of possibilities that change lives.

The VIP is a pilot program sponsored by the Illinois Division of Rehabilitation (DRS), designed to provide unique, personalized vocational training and business incubator services to Transition aged DRS customers (ages 18-26 years old).  The DRS’ intention is to support customers who desire to own their own business by providing the business services, space, infrastructure and individual guidance to enhance success.   The vocational training programs are designed to prepare customers for employment in various industries or for the customer to use those skills in their own small business.


The VIP is an exciting and innovative venture with the goal of increasing the possibilities of employment and business ownership for our customers.  We are dedicated to individualization, creativity, innovation and collaboration to make this possible.


I hope you join us!

Therese C. Manderino,