Medical Service

ICRE-R offers a team consisting of a Medical Director (certified by the American Board of Pediatrics), and pediatric nurse practitioner.  The Medical Director reviews the medical information provided by each applicant to determine whether ICRE-R can manage the healthcare needs of applicants on a residential basis. 

The medical team coordinates a response to acute illnesses, performs yearly physical exams, and coordinates medical subspecialty care. The Medical Service is available on-site 5 days/week and is accessible 24 hours a day.

The physicians at ICRE-R have affiliations with University of Chicago, and Comer Children’s Hospital, as well as many relationships with other providers and Health Care facilities.

The medical team serves to coordinate a “Medical Home” partnership between the student, family, and community health care providers to identify needs, plan care, and evaluate outcomes.

The ultimate goal of the Medical Service is for each student to have the tools needed to manage his/her personal healthcare needs. Therefore, ICRE-R’s Medical Service is provided in a manner similar to community based medical providers in that students must make appointments and plan based on availability of the doctor, except in emergency situations.

This helps the students develop realistic expectations of what community life will be like.

Medical Director, Dr. Peter J. Smith